United Way

The Cherokee Area Council is a proud member agency/program and receives various amounts and kinds of funding support from our three local United Way chapters.

We encourage all members of our community to also support their local United Way and make an impact in their community.

Click on a chapter name to visit their website.

United Way of Greater Chattanooga - UWGC/Chattanooga
United Way Bradley County - UWBC/Bradley Co.
• United Way Rhea County - UWRC/Rhea Co.

  CFC #98482

Combined Federal Campaigns are conducted for federal, state and various government departments and associated agencies, including Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The Boy Scouts of America, Cherokee Area Council is CFC #98482.

Designating Your Gift

  • CFC gifts must be designated to a recipient organization.  Our CFC #98482.

  • Donor designations received by the United Way of Greater Chattanooga are distributed to Scouting as additional funds, above the current allocation.  This means more funds to continue and increase Scouting programs and services.  United Way of Greater Chattanooga Designation #955. 

  • October 31 is the annual deadline for United Way of Greater Chattanooga designation forms to be submitted and qualify.  Please have your forms completed and submitted to the United Way office prior to October 31 for Scouting to receive your gift.  Designations received after Oct. 31 are included in the allocation and not as additional funds.

  • Designations for Bradley and Rhea Counties are included with the allocation amount and are not distributed in excess of the allocation.  Designations are still welcome as they help make United Way volunteers aware of the donor's interest in continuing their support of Scouting programs and services.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

United Way, CFC and the Cherokee Area Council, BSA

Q. I heard that the United Way has stopped funding the Boy Scouts. Is this true?

A. No. Unfortunately, headlines in the media blare out “United Way cuts funding to Boy Scouts!” but later in the story tell you it’s just one United Way chapter in another state or city.  Out of the approximately 1,300 United Way chapters in the U.S., less than 10% - have discontinued or restricted their funding to their local Boy Scout council.  The Cherokee Area Council has enjoyed strong, positive relationships with the United Way of Greater Chattanooga (UWGC), United Way of Bradley County (UWBC) and United Way of Rhea County (UWRC) and expects these relationships to continue into the future.

Q. Has my local United Way cut funding to the Boy Scouts?

A. The answer is mixed.  If a United Way campaign falls short of their “full funding” goal, it may result in a reduction of allocated funds which are available for distribution to all funded programs. Our allocation from the UWGC has decreased by 12% over the past ten years.  Our allocation from the UWBC has increased or remained steady every year since 1997.  Our allocation from UWRC has increased due to designations exceeding the allocation amount.

Q. What is CFC and does it allocate funds to support Scouting?

A. CFC is the abbreviation for the Consolidated Federal Campaign. This includes all federal and TVA employees and numerous state employees. 

The CFC does not allocate funds. Donors MUST designate to an agency approved by the CFC. To support our local Scouting programs, please designate your gift with our CFC# 98482.

Q. Does United Way support 100% of the funds needed for our local Scout programs?

A. No. Allocations from our 3 United Way partners jointly provide approximately 21% of the needed funds for local Scout operations.  Other income sources include Camp & Activity fees (paid by participants) – 34%, Friends of Scouting community & family campaigns – 20%, Sales to the Public – 7%, Scout Shop – 5%, Foundations – 2%, Special Events, Sponsorships & Gifts-In-Kind – 7%, and Endowment Income – 1%.

Q. I designate my United Way gift to the Boy Scouts.  How does this money help?

A. Each United Way is independently operated and led by local volunteers, thus, the manner in which they deal with designated gifts differs.  The UWGC currently distributes designated gifts in addition to their allocation if the designation form is received by the UWGC office before its deadline.  The UWBC and UWRC include any designated gifts in with their allocations, unless designations exceed the allocation.

Q. Does the Council encourage donors to designate their gifts to the Boy Scouts?

A. No.

Q. How can I be helpful in ensuring the success of my United Way and its campaign?

A. Get involved.  Participate in your local campaign and encourage your co-workers and friends to do the same.  You could also volunteer to participate in the allocation process or the Day of Caring.  A letter to your local United Way stating your appreciation for their continuing support of Boy Scout programs means a lot – negative feedback tends to far outweigh positive feedback.