Leaving a Legacy through Planned Giving

Your Legacy Gift will be protected and help ensure the future of Scouting in our area for generations of youth to follow.

There are many options and opportunities to leave a lasting gift and legacy to ensure that Boy Scouts of America programs will continue to help mold young men and women for many years to come.  Professional financial advisors are available through Boy Scouts of America to provide consultation and proposals that can be given to your current financial advisor, attorney or CPA.

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IRA Charitable Rollover available until April 15th

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Sample Letter for Broker to initiate gift

Major IRA Gift

Tom is a retired CPA.  With good investments, his IRA had grown to become over 80% of his total estate.  Tom was looking for a way to rebalance his estate.  He wanted to make a major gift to charity, but needed to protect his home and personal savings.  So Tom decided to begin making annual gifts from his IRA to The Boy Scouts of America National Foundation.  READ MORE...

Gift Annuities: The Gift that Gives Back

Gift annuities continue to be one of the most popular ways for donors to make a gift to Scouting but receive income from the gift while they are still living. Donors love the current rates, especially in today’s economy of CDs yielding 1-3% interest. Where else could a 70-year-old receive a guaranteed 6.7% per year for life on the value of a gift and still count the gift as a tax-exempt charitable contribution? And the gift will be protected in the council’s Scout Trust Fund where it will ensure that the Scouting program continues to benefit area youth for many years to come. More...

Donations can be made by any individual and setting up a gift annuity is very easy. A gift annuity could be an excellent financial planning tool for anyone desiring a high interest fixed income for the remainder of his or her life. Contact Kevin Beirne at the Scout Service Center, 423-892-8323 or E-mail, for additional information.

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