Cub Scout Advancement

Advancement is an important part of Scouting. Cub Scouts start at the Bobcat rank, and if they start in the first grade, continue with the Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos ranks.


Bobcat - New Cub Scouts

The Bobcat rank is the first rank that every Scout must earn when starting the Cub Scouting program. While earning this rank, Scouts learn what it means to be a Cub Scout by learningh the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, and other basic information that all Cub Scouts must learn.

Tiger Cubs – 1st Grade Boys

Tiger Cubs are Cub Scouts who are in the first grade. These boys learn new things together and have fun experiences with their friends.

As a Tiger Cub, you will earn your Tiger Cub Badge. You will enjoy five achievement areas and, with your adult partner's help, you will complete 15 requirements. Along the way, you'll have great fun.

Tiger Cubs do lots of things together. You may go fishing. You might visit a museum. You could tour a fire station. You might go to a movie or take a ride on a train. You can play sports and build things. It's up to you and your leaders to decide exactly what you'll do. Whatever you do, you'll learn new things, see new places, and soon become a Cub Scout.


Wolf & Bear Cub Scouts – 2nd & 3rd Grade Boys

Being a Cub Scout means doing. You join a den - a group of friends who share your interests - and together you explore many exciting things. You may be building Pinewood Derby race cars or exploring a cave. You could be camping in a forest with your friends and family or playing baseball or soccer. You might have a picnic or you could go fishing. You might be playing games or building a tree house. The list of things Cub Scouts do is huge!

You'll work with adult leaders who will help you earn awards. You can get a Cub Scout uniform to display the badges and recognitions you'll earn. Plus, all the while, you're having great fun.


Webelos – 4th & 5th Grade Boys

Webelos are the Cub Scout members who are preparing to step up to the adventure and excitement of belonging to the Boy Scouts.

While you still get to do all the things Cub Scouts do, as a Webelos, you'll enjoy more special activities - including challenging outdoor adventures. You'll be looked upon as a leader. You'll get to work on advanced projects, earn activity badges, and become familiar with the Boy Scout requirements—all leading to the Cub Scouts' highest rank, the prized Arrow of Light Award.

But, there's only one way to get in on the fun... You have to join!