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An E-Newsletter designed for leaders and parents.  
Monthly E-Newsletters include details about programs, events, services and Scout recognitions.  
Occasionally, last minute news about changes and updates will also be sent to this group.

Scouting Highlights

For our Friends of Scouting and other community supporters to stay informed with brief highlights about Scouting in our area.  
This E-Newsletter is sent every few months.


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"A Scout is Thrifty"  E-Newsletters save time and money (printing and postage) that can be used elsewhere to benefit Scouting programs and services.  Information will also get to you much quicker instead of a few days spent printing and in the mail. 

If you do not have email or wish to receive a printed copy of the Cherokee Journal by mail, call Angela at the Scout Service Center at 423-892-8323, ext.115.




Merge Duplicate Profiles

Sometimes you may have multiple profiles with Doubleknot as a result of using different email addresses for event registrations over the years.  The best way for you to merge duplicate profiles together is to:

  1. Go to and click Client Logon
  2. Click the Forgot Password? link 
  3. Enter the email address that they most recently used with Doubleknot
  4. They will get an email with a link to reset their password.  Click the link to reset the password and then continue to the Merge Duplicate Profiles step.

The Merge Duplicate Profiles step will allow for the selection of which profiles to merge together and once completed, all profiles will be unified under one email address.